68. Milan like Amsterdam: a tour of Lambrate


According to Micol, the writer of the book, which had spoken with those who understand, Lambrate and Bicocca are the two districts of Milan to bet on. Intrigued, as well as her, one autumn evening I walked in that direction. Getting there is easy, line 2 of the underground Lambrate station. Out of the station you’ll be in Piazza Bottini (the one of the photos above and below).


At this point you will have to walk to the other side of the station, I took the opportunity to make a couple of photos to the trains.


It may sound strange to someone, but staying on the dock to watch and shot trains is charming and relaxing.


Returning back to point 68 of the book, as we said you have to cross the station, well, you can do it using the underpass in the photo. You’ll tick on the back of the station, the area seems sleazy, and frankly speaking nothing special. However, I was already there and I decided to continue with the recommended route of the book. Turn right and walk along the railway bridge until the intersection with Via Carlo Bertolazzi, turn right and go to the bottom.


Continue till the intersection where you will find the small chapel in the photo above and turn into Via Conte Rosso, then immediately on the right there is Via Ventura.


Here we are at the destination … This is Via Ventura. The district until the 70s was an industrial area. The most famous factory in the area was the one of Lambretta the famous motorcycle. With the closing of the various factories, the sheds have gone into disuse, until around the years 2000s, a couple of architects have started to buy and resell them to buyers in the field of art and design.


Now in the area there are: the headquarters of “Abitare” a design magazine, probably the most important in Italy, “Art Book” the design library of the Triennale, the Polytechnic School of Design, the publisher Art Show, Radio 101 and a number of other dealers, exhibitors and artists.


If you intend to visit the area, and you don’t want to be disappointed like me, I suggest you to inform yourself in advance about exhibitions or shows in the area. I personally found the “Desert of the Tartars”, and I wasn’t able to see anything interesting. At this point I can only leave you with a promise, as soon as I’ll gather some more information I will return to visit the area (paragraph 69 of the Book “Making Peace with contemporary art between Via Ventura and Via Massimiano).


If you want you can also take a trip to the Lambrate district, but it is simply the typical suburb of Milan.



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